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The Superhologram

Holographic Reminder

Reality can be summed up in two words: Quantum Hologram.

Hologram is “a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference” (click here for images and more info). What this means to you is that the quanta expresses itself in a 3 dimensional manner through an energetic interference pattern (much like waves of energy colliding) which your brain interprets. In other words, the hologram is what binds the swirling quanta together and presents it in the manner in which you are familiar – the world as you “see” it. Add to that the 4th dimension projection of space and time and we then have movement in our holographic experience.

The Quantum Hologram is, in the most fundamental sense, the matrix of our reality. It not only provides a first hand visual experience, but also a background, complete with our perceptions of time, dimension and the laws of the physical world. It’s a construct of “reality”, a combination of physical laws, common perceptions and an underlying collective unconscious.

We traverse together in a Superhologram, a common structure of experience. A 3 dimensional view that unfolds and enfolds, opens and collapses, appears and disappears hundreds of times per second. Everything snaps in and out of the physical world. We all agree that we “see” the physical world and this cements the reality even further.

The Superhologram

You are in the Superhologram right now; it’s all around you. Nothing that can be perceived within the 5 common senses, exists outside the Superhologram. Much like quanta, the hologram enfolds into the implicate (collapses) and unfolds into the explicate (projects) where we can sense it and see it. The source or the implicate, unfolds or projects our reality. If that’s hard to comprehend and accept, try this: The past is also a hologram; your future is holographic as well.

Michael Talbot in The Holographic Universe writes, “[David] Bohm’s notion that the flow of time is the product of a constant series of unfoldings and enfoldings suggests that as the present enfolds and becomes part of the past, it does not cease to exist, but simply returns to the cosmic storehouse of the implicate“. Or as Bohm puts it, “The past is active in the present as a kind of implicate order“.” The past exists wholly, and in this moment; it is our attention to and belief in linear time that distorts its place and perpetuates the illusion (Note: photographic memory, minute and perfectly accurate details of past events reported under hypnosis (etc.) are evidence of people seeing and/or actually being in the holographic past, in the moment). The memory and holographic projection of the past is in your brain, just next door to what you would suggest is occurring “now”; it is only your brain that separates the memories, thoughts and projections as distinctly different. The experience of the past is just outside this moment of “now”; but it exists nonetheless in this moment, and just as fully as the present, or the future…

The future is similarly holographic; it too exists in the implicate. This concept is even more confusing and alarming than imagining the past as a hologram. Our current understanding of the universe and common logic and rational thought make it very hard to even imagine. However, from studies utilizing random number generators (physicist Helmut Schmidt, Boeing Aircraft, etc.) to dreams that demonstrate foreknowledge of future events (Montague Ullman, Dream Laboratory at Maimonides Medical Center, etc.) to remote-viewing experiments (Puthoff and Targ, Stanford Research Institute, etc.), we see the future is only one step removed from our experience only by our perception, and inextricably linked to our reality. The future, all possible scenarios of it, exist now (Note: deja vu and astral travel (etc.) into the future are evidence of the future as hologram).

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