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Harnessing Reality

Harnessing Reality

We reside in a Quantum Hologram that is completely moulded by our Thoughts. So, essentially we live in a Quantum Thought Hologram. While there is nothing truly outside of us as we all stem from the source (literally and scientifically), our experience is localized. One of the effects of living in the Quantum Hologram matrix is the perception of being separate. The truth is that there is a distinction between things, giving us the (necessary) illusion of self, but we are not now, nor have we ever been separate. We are intrinsically connected. The Quantum Hologram, because of the billions of brains entrenching “common” reality, has become stiff, and for an individual, difficult to mould and alter.

The paradigm we live in today, while much more alive than in times past, is still stuck in limitation, physical laws and individuality. For most people the grand reality is outside of one person’s control, that is, so long as they choose to live entirely within it. Choosing to live occasionally in the quantum world where everything originates, through meditation, stillness or “quantum thought”, allows us to modify reality as it comes into existence and not fight in the physical world against what is already there. We become creators rather than responders or “reacters” to what appears in our world. We are sculptors of our reality at this point, no longer victims of circumstance. What are we doing when we meditate, are still, and engage in quantum thought? We are consciously, responsibly thinking (and being).

What is completely under our control, and can never be taken from us, are our thoughts. Thoughts are power; every single thought is a command. Thoughts are what literally creates the world around us and molds the Quantum Hologram. Thoughts are cosmic rays that travel at the speed of light, penetrate everything and span all time and space. They literally change the substance of our world. Thoughts are vibrations and everything around us, including us, is vibrating. The Thought vibrations that we release find other things that are vibrating at that level and attract them back to the sender. The Thoughts that we have are the only true mechanism we have to control our experience.

The problem here is that most people think, incessantly, all day long, unconsciously almost, about what they don’t want. Then they complain aloud about why what they don’t want keeps showing up in their life. One thing that the ancients understood and the masters today understand is that thought creates reality, your experience. The masses today are unaware of this phenomenon and so continue to draw into their life all the things they despise and resist. If they only knew that what was bringing that into their experience was their very thoughts!

There is a field consciousness that lives in and around us. We have access to the secrets of the universe; we need only discover the channel on which it plays. Just like turning the knob of a stereo reveals new stations and new content. The stations do not cease to exist as you move past the frequency, nor are they born as you move towards them. It is you that tunes in or tunes out. It is you that decides at which level you vibrate and therefore which channel you are in tune with. That high vibrational frequency delivers a supreme level of information. Combining the intuition and wisdom that this deep source reveals with an awakened state of thinking, you will attract everything you’ve ever wanted into your life, without fail, no exceptions.

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