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Utilize the Powers of the Law of Attraction and Quantum World to Manifest Conscious Wealth

Utilize the Powers of the Law of Attraction and Quantum World to Manifest Conscious Wealth

Manifesting Conscious Wealth

There is no easier way to practice quantum manifestation than applying the Law of Attraction. There is no subject more discussed in this material world than the accumulation of wealth, financial and otherwise. So, how then do we do that?

Much of the “wealth” information that you’ve read has probably seemed to lack fun, ethics and intrigue. Most do. Does it seem too materialistic, amoral and shallow? Most are. Making money and growing wealth without having fun, being true to yourself and evolving, intellectually and energetically, is not sustainable, nor is it enlightened wealth.

So, what then, if most of the material available focuses on the physical plane and almost entirely disregards the astral, and subtle energetic realities? Well, the truth is that you’ve already solved that problem, because you’re reading these words. You have attracted the solution and it’s here. Learn to activate the Thought Universe, manipulate the Holographic World, utilize your innate Quantum Mind Power, and attract your every higher desire.

It’s all around you now; you’re literally surrounded. Like many good things though, sometimes they’re hidden and hard to find. No doubt you’ve struggled for quite some time, but those challenges have led you here. And from here you can go just about anywhere. Learn the keys to manifest conscious wealth.

Jump headfirst into the wormhole and you’re on the quantum path to true and complete wealth or as we call it: Meta-wealth.

What exactly is Meta-wealth?

Well first before truly understanding Meta-wealth you must contemplate further the nature of your reality; the way in which it is engineered and the (only) place where it occurs.

You can study both the principles and application techniques simultaneously. To truly and completely understand, harness and master your reality, there are seven key areas of study, then adoption and finally implementation:

The Law of Attraction:
Attraction Principles
Manifestation Techniques
The Nature of Abundance

The Thought Universe:
The Principle of Intention
The Principle of Attention
The Principle of Focus

The Holographic Reality:
The Hologram and Holomovement
The Holographic Paradigm
The Holographic Matrix

Quantum World:
Quantum Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Cosmology

Mind Power:
Subconscious and Unconscious
The Superconscious
The Quantum Mind

The NOW:
The Illusion of Time
The Perpetual Moment of Now
The Law of NOW

Conscious Wealth:
Originating Wealth
Money is Energy
The Ultimate Reality of Unity

For this comprehensive and fundamental understanding, search out sources of information on the subjects listed above. Find sources that combine two or more of these topics if possible. For the best experience, combine multiple theories that have an emphasis on application. We provide many articles and links to information and programs, with an emphasis on application. While knowledge is important, it cannot change your reality without the tools to mobilize and utilize that knowledge. Knowledge can lead to wisdom; the application of wisdom is power.

So, on with it! Move through this site and continue from here, and then out through some of our recommended materials and move yourself at light-speed down and through the rabbit hole to true and conscious wealth!

Start with learning about The Nature of Reality

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