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The Nature of Reality

The Nature of Reality

Reality can be summed up in two words: Quantum Hologram.

Quantum is an indivisible entity of energy; quanta (plural for quantum) are packets of this sub-atomic energy. In the future we may uncover even further levels of energy; however, today we cannot find anything beyond quanta. When we try to look past it, it vanishes. Scientists do not know where quanta originates. With a little speculation, we understand enough to believe that quanta comes from the source of everything; a subtle unified energy field that perplexes scholars as much as it fascinates them.

The study of quantum physics shows us that quanta are waves and particles, mass and non-mass, matter and non-matter, measurable and immeasurable, real and unreal, visible and invisible… all at the same time! It is the epitome of dualism, completely opposite, in the same place, space and time. It seems to appear only when we observe it. This dualistic nature of everything was deemed impossible until we discovered quanta.

The scientific establishment believed wholly in a “clockwork universe”, where everything could be measured and analyzed; where cause and effect where perfect. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics stand classical physics on its ear. The study of quanta is the closest we’ve ever come to discovering and quantifying our true origin. Everything, animate and inanimate, is created and grown from the source and expressed physically through quanta. Quanta pervades and surrounds everything; everything is made up of quanta. Actually, it’s not so much made up of energy as it is just simply, energy. The world around us is nothing more than swirling quanta. We literally live in a quantum soup.

A Hologram is “a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference”. What this means to you is that the quanta expresses itself in a 3 dimensional manner through an energetic interference pattern which your brain interprets. In other words, the hologram is what binds the swirling quanta together and presents it in the manner in which you are familiar – the world as you “see” it. It “interprets” the cosmic flow of raw energy around you.

Your brain (also a hologram, as is everything within the master hologram) deciphers and explains to you, your mind, your consciousness, what it is experiencing. What it experiences is a grand hologram in a perpetual state of motion; nothing rests, ever. It is actually more like Holomovement, an ever changing mass hologram.

The Quantum Hologram is, in the most fundamental sense, the matrix of reality. It not only provides a first hand visual experience, but also a background, complete with our perceptions of time, dimension and the laws of the physical world – consensus perspective. It’s a construct of “reality”, a combination of physical laws, common perceptions and an underlying collective unconscious or connection.

We traverse together in a Superhologram, a common structure of experience. A 3 dimensional view that unfolds and enfolds, opens and collapses, appears and disappears hundreds of times per second. Everything snaps in and out of the physical world. We all agree that we “see” the physical world and this cements the reality further.

However, just like pictures moving at 24 frames per second creates the illusion of motion and time as we see them at the movie theatre, so the quanta coming in and out of existence, trick the mind and the eye into believing that the physical world truly, and in the minds of some, solely exists in a solid state. A subtle field consciousness exists dualistically with all matter. Just like in the microcosm as we see with sub-atomic particles, the universe exists simultaneously in the quantum wave realm as it appears in the particle physical world. You simultaneously exist in both.

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