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Using the X-Factor

Using the X-Factor

How to Use the X-Factor

OK, great idea, now how do I use it?! Good question and that’s simple! Well, sort of. First, let’s consider what most everyone does… and be conscious of that. Let’s look at the reason and equation for virtually every failure to manifest:

As an example (as outlined above), most people either think they’re at 70% manifester evolution, while at only 30% evolution and only perform the corresponding 30% physical activity, leaving an enormous gap; or they are simply unaware of the dual nature of manifestation and simply do not bother to compensate for low-level evolution with extra effort. In either case the gap between the two causes chaos; everything falls apart and into the gap. 30% evolution + 30% effort = 60% energy/results; and we all know that 60% energy/results often eventually leaves you with zero results; nothing long-term or tangible. In this example, the individual is short 40%. To remedy this, the person must elevate their manifestation abilities or increase their physical effort, thereby bridging the gap, healing the 40% missing, and manifesting what the individual set out to create.

To properly and effectively utilize this principle you need only determine where you stand on the (energetic) evolution scale. This does require some subjectivity (an educated guess) and you may need to return to this equation from time to time and re-analyze the position you’ve determined for yourself. It will increase, perhaps even occasionally decrease, and from time to time you may (probably will) misinterpret your evolution and place yourself too high or to low. Be honest, be open, be critical; ask yourself often where you are on that scale and compensate proportionately with physical activity.

Determine which component of life that you will be creating (work, family, spirit, health, money, etc.). Then look at that ascending line – the most apathetic, disconnected and unconscious person imaginable is at the bottom left corner; but because you are even reading this, you can’t be all the way at the bottom! Total consciousness, Buddha walking on a cloud, complete cosmic awareness, quantum unity, is at the top right. You are somewhere in between. Look at it again; see if you can determine your place:

Now take a best guess. For illustrative purposes, let’s say you pick 50. Great! Now you “know”, with an obvious margin of error, that you will be required to put in at least 50% effort on the physical plane and that the other 50% of the “effort” will be “done for you” (actually, by you – the ethereal you) by the energy that you exude, the events you attract, the synchronicities manifested by your thoughts, etc.

Everything you do, think, say, should move you up and toward the Total Consciousness position; and for every step you make toward that point the physical requirement will descend. Know where you are in your manifester evolution and you’ll know what actions you’ll have to take, or more specifically the amount of physical activity required everyday to make things “happen”.

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