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Misusing “The Secret”

Who Are The Real Perpetrators Then?

We are. Africa is burning because we set it afire. The Middle East is in chaos and we are the fan that feeds that flame. In virtually every other large dispute, we (westerners) have had our hands in it, to one degree or another; most often to ensure that our properties and corporate interests are protected and continue to grow. Every time we purchase a cheap can of coffee, for example, we set off a ripple effect, a chain of events, that perpetuates this chaos. We (often unwittingly) “vote” on foreign policy with our purchases; we must become more conscious of what we endorse. What is the cost of cheap?! What is ultimate cost of continued ignorance and indifference? Most of the wealth in the western countries has been “captured”, off the backs of Hondurans, Indonesians, Africans, etc, etc, etc. (Note: My wife is Mexican and has seen this firsthand. Talk to some of your immigrant friends; you may be shocked by their stories. Watch the documentary, “The Corporation” for a more comprehensive understanding.) Today we live in an de facto economic dichotomy. You are either being pillaged or you are a citizen of a country that is doing the plundering; you are a modern day Viking or a victim; you choose, we’re told, or at least led to believe. But, there’s a third option: Originate!

Hypocrisy and the Art of Avoiding Blame

The Secret was created by and for Americans, Australians, Canadians, the British, etc. Most of the wars, economic destruction and general subjugation of the people of all countries is caused by elites in government, NGO’s and corporations in which countries?: America, Australia, Canada, the UK, etc. The citizens of those countries, whether aware or unaware, are actually the fuel for most of these horrors. And we, as Americans, Australians, Canadians and Brits (etc.) are being encouraged to attract more (in this way)?! If history is any indication, the citizens of these other countries (if it is possible for them to even be aware) must be terrified right now as “the machine” is gearing up to plunder, exponentially. Stop the machine! Don’t capture and accumulate; create and originate!

While The Secret failed to discuss this reality, perhaps, in the end, it will have helped to serve up the answer to all this. However, we must be aware and conscious of our current dilemma. Let’s consider attracting a profound increase in global wealth and not focus (at least entirely) on attracting personal gain through continuing to capture wealth. How?; I’ll tell you…

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