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True Wealth and “The Secret”

Shhh, Don’t Talk About It!

I’ve been inspired, in part by some of the comments I’ve received regarding The Secret, to “drop the gloves” (I do love hockey, although I don’t like fighting, so I’ll just shadow box here) and get down to my real challenge to The Secret and most other self-help, new age, philosophical pursuits. No one, not Chopra, not Proctor, not Dyer, not anyone, talks about what I’m about to share with you; and I really don’t know why. Since the turn of the century there has never been so many “gurus” that have released so much (great) information. Then why is there more terror, more control, less freedom, more unhappiness than there has ever been? (Note: our consciousness has actually grown and expanded as outlined by David Hawkins in Power vs. Force; however, today, fewer people are doing more of the work. If we brought more people into this type of thinking and feeling, our reality would change almost overnight). The divide between the “haves” and the “have nots” has grown considerably, and not just with regard to material wealth. Is it not time to heal that gap? We teeter on the edge of the abyss, when the bridge to the new reality is only a step away. I think first we must acknowledge that it exists and perhaps consider whether we are a part of it and how to cease, entirely, in that participation.

True Wealth

Most of us should know by now that money is only a small component of true wealth. Again (and this seems to be almost a mantra at this point), there is so much more, and most of it is, of course, much more valuable, individually and collectively. To be complete in wealth you must experience inner peace, have happy relationships, give away a sizeable portion of what you earn and your work must be so enjoyable that you would do it for free, among many other attributes of conscious wealth (refer back to Chopra, Proctor and Dyer; all of that is there, and we’ll talk more about it in the future).

Money is an important aspect of wealth, no doubt. But, it is only truly important because we have made it so (Note: the paper money that we take so seriously is actually worth nothing – it’s simply paper; it appears to have value because we take it so seriously, and only for as long as we do). Yes, you can give more money away when you have more money. You can do more of what you love to do when you have more money. You can experience more and subsequently evolve more (perhaps) when you have more money. OK, then what’s the problem? I’ll tell you…

There are two ways to attract money; by capturing it or by creating, more specifically, originating it. We must endeavor, always, if we are to live consciously and create authentic prosperity, to originate our wealth. We must actually bring wealth into existence where it never existed before. If we do this it will increase wealth globally, and when you put it back into circulation by spending it or giving it, the world will have more to share. The more wealth we originate, the higher the standard of living, globally (practically speaking, money tends to flow out of the west after it’s earned; just ask the 10′s of millions of immigrants where the majority of their earnings go). Wouldn’t you feel better about accumulating wealth if you knew that you took it from no one and in fact, created more for everyone? Was The Secret, or any others, specific in this regard?

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