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Mastering the X-Factor

Mastering the X-Factor

Other Things to Consider

I can already hear the questions, so I’ll leave you with a couple thoughts in closing. Know this: Manifestation, more specifically the ability or the power to manifest, is amoral. There is no right or wrong here. That is why terrible men can do extraordinary things and live seemingly enchanted lives (my guess is that this is almost always illusion; most “evil” people manifest well in one area and neglect all others; and they “pay” for it in that way). They’ve simply mastered the ability to manifest. The universe has a “non-interference” agreement with the quantum-force; it will never directly interfere with what you manifest. However, it is in your best interest to bring love and peace into your lives and the lives of the ones around you at every opportunity. This will eventually lead to balance in all areas of life; to a singularity, a cohesion, an integration of your power, your mind and your spirit. You manifest at a certain level, at a certain rate/equation, consciously or unconsciously, every minute of everyday; you have the ability to engage this reality and orchestrate and command your experience.

Too many get caught up in discussing philosophy and fantasizing about what is possible. Yes, yes, all very nice; I too like to consider the infinite. But, not at the expense of experience, and particularly the execution of things that are necessary to create that experience. There is a fine line between philosophy and disconnection; it is one thing to expand your mind by philosophizing, and yet another to use that exercise as an excuse, or allow it to be an obstacle to doing. There is a time and a place to philosophize; I would suggest it is almost entirely outside the subject of manifestation.

You will not spontaneously manifest without first being proportionately evolved enough to do so. You must be honest and assess what your real abilities are; not what you wish for, not what is possible. In doing so you will be able to determine how much effort you will have to make to manifest what you desire. You can and should always endeavour to move upwards and toward Total Consciousness. In the meantime, an honest determination of your place will allow you to create, and enjoy your experience and your evolution while doing so.

The whole purpose of this experience, in this 4 dimensional matrix, is to create events, experience them, learn and then evolve. So, if you are a conscious creator, you should, in every thought, decision and action, focus on either moving up the evolutionary scale (increasing your manifesting abilities) or on taking precise action that will move you, in a physical sense toward your goal.

Take the chaos, perpetual distress and disappointment out of your life. Find your (accurate) Quantum Causation position and then pinpoint and discover your physical effort obligations. All of your stress and disillusionment exists in the gap between your manifester evolution and your effort. Collapse that gap; bring your mind/spirit into balance with your body, and all that you’ve ever desired will be yours. And the best news of all, as you continue your evolution, your requirements in the physical world will proportionately decrease.

While not an exact science, the X-Factor could be the missing link in your pursuit in becoming a Master Manifester. It is definitely a “secret within the grand secret”.

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