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Limitations of “The Secret”

The Secret, of course, is not directly responsible for what you are about to read. However, it is the latest popular product that fails to effectively outline the 4th dimension reality and to set a clear course to correct it. I’d like to properly outline it here for your consideration; more information that will eventually allow you/us to correct this. Our focus should remain on our next and better reality. However, I’d like to “air it all out”, so to speak, leave it behind and then get on with the task at hand – personal evolution; the only thing we truly have any control over.

My advice to you now is to hear these words; be conscious of them (always), but do not focus on them afterwards. Instead focus on the solutions. Your new perspective may be to attract into your life, not just what’s good for you and your family, but what’s good for the planet and every person on it. You must be aware of what you don’t want, to know what you do want. Be conscious of the current state of affairs on this planet, in this dimension, and then if you are compelled, set out to fix it.  Otherwise, focus entirely on expanding your own conscious, which will indirectly help remedy this situation by expanding global consciousness. I hope you carry forward just a little of this. I bring this awareness (not a focus) into every one of my days so that I might be able to identify, when it appears, a way in which I can help to quicken this new and better paradigm’s arrival. My goal here, and in general, is to acknowledge this elephant standing in the room with us; and then gently and quietly lead it out the door.

Are There Forces Working Against Conscious Wealth?

Are there individuals, groups and organizations that are attempting to deter, delay and prevent conscious wealth? Of course; just flip on the cable news and watch for a half hour and you’ll see countless references to these individuals, groups and organizations (this is, in part, why I never watch the news). Is there anything we can do about it? Again, yes; however, instead of fighting against it, we must acknowledge what exists and place our attention, wholly, on what we want to create – not what we wish to remove from our experience. Let’s get on with exploring this…

Westerners generally pretend that the rest of the world does not exist, or at least not in a way that matters to us anyway. The politicians and the corporate leaders at home may never effectively address the inherent global implications and consequences of our actions (it’s really not in their interest to do so). The rest of us seemed too uninformed, misinformed or indifferent to do anything about it. Then, is it not especially incumbent upon those who focus on teaching prosperity, equality, happiness and wealth to at least acknowledge such things and perhaps even put some energy into a complete and final resolution?

(Note: You’re probably not going to like what you are about to read; perhaps you need to hear it anyway. If you are offended or disturbed by any of this, please keep in mind, it is most likely because you are resisting an element of truth. I’ve tried to “sugar coat” it as much as I can, without losing the message.)

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