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Originating with “The Secret”

How to Participate in Originating Wealth

The first step: If you need to be “informed”, turn off conventional news and find online alternative news sources. The second step: Wake up! Wake up to the (uncomfortable) reality and then immediately focus on… The third step: Avoid putting energy (and money) into the organizations that perpetrate these things. The fourth step: Avoid capturing wealth, instead choose to originate it.

The final and most important step: Focus on peace and prosperity… for the world (Miss Universe was on to something!).

The western mechanisms of destruction are, collectively, a “house of cards”. While we built that house and prop it up, we can just as easily, perhaps with even less effort, bring it down. We only need to look at it (acknowledge it), blow on it (by not supporting it) and it will fall down and in its place we can build a world where everyone is indeed created with equal opportunities and actually experiences the reality of a such often misused, yet profound statement.

The quantum principles of non-locality and entanglement, the mystic principle of karma and the holographic principle of projection all clearly and emphatically tell us that not only will we receive back the horror and terror that we commit (even if it’s perpetrated on the other side of the planet, by organizations in which we have no direct ties), but that, in every sense of the word, we are doing it to ourselves! We are connected in the deepest sense and on every level. The pain inflicted on a child in war torn country resonates and affects, to some degree, every person on the planet. Have you considered that some of your own suffering, your own low level anxiety, feelings of desperation and confused thoughts are a result of “things” happening in distant places, well outside your cozy suburban community? I think it is very real, it is happening to all of us and most of us feel it; we just don’t know why. Now you do.

Perhaps then the pain, grief and disillusionment that is being experienced in many parts of the world is invading our (by most accounts, enchanted western) lives and making us, in turn, feel unhappy, dissatisfied, disconnected and nearly spiritually devoid; as is most westerners’ experience. So, like the Buddhists say, it matters not how you get there, so long as you get there. If you step up to the challenge and relieve the suffering overseas, simply to relieve your own suffering, so be it. Know that this is going on and then immediately sharpen your focus and make your intention to resolve it here, at home in the west, or across the oceans in the regions that have experienced seemingly endless horror and perpetual terror.

Here’s to the freedom and prosperity of all the people in all the countries across the globe and not just the ones fortunate enough to be able to buy a DVD and watch it in their (cheap) DVD player (made in sweatshops in China, Thailand, etc.). Here’s to taking responsibility for what we’ve done. Here’s to acting compassionately and passionately to resolve it.

Here’s to true equality. Here’s to true peace. Here’s to true wealth. Here’s to everyone on the planet experiencing these things in the way that they choose. Here’s to love; for that’s all that will remain when the veil is finally and completely lifted.

Will you be a part of creating this new world? Or will you only attempt to claim ownership of it when it arrives? Creation is fun; be a part of it.

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