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Understanding “The Secret”

How People Can Misinterpret “The Secret”

If any of what was written in “Ideology and The Secret” made sense to you, then you should consider whether you’ve done this with the documentary “The Secret”. Have you rejected it or accepted it entirely? I have met many who simply state that it’s self-help rubbish with an inappropriate emphasis on getting money; I don’t think that’s fair, but to each his/her own. But, more alarming and completely polar, I find masses of people that believe that “The Secret” and the law of attraction (LOA) are everything; perfect in definition and in scope. This troubles me. I think that the creator and the contributors would be (perhaps, are) a touch concerned by this trend as well. However, I also think that the creator and the contributors need to share some of the responsibility for this; but the viewers, the people, must take most of it on.

Why are the creator and the contributors at all responsible? Because they directed, produced and packaged the DVD in such a way that presented the law of attraction as the end all, be all. What they did, most likely unintentionally and unwittingly, is they brought everyone into the middle of the game and presented it as the end. In other words, they skipped a bunch of steps, dropped the viewer into the middle of spiritual evolution and then told them, “that’s it!”. This is, from my view, just not accurate.

The Law of Attraction is not everything to all people. If we think for a moment that it is the whole truth, we oppose the infinite, by making reality and creation through the Law of Attraction, as outlined in The Secret, finite. It is not, there’s more to it; and that should be exciting, to know that there is and to set out to explore the rest. If it was perfect and it was complete, as many think, how could there be a sequel? I suggest that you beware the trappings of cult following, that you honour the tremendous gift that “The Secret” offers to its viewers and that you take this gift, personalize it and incorporate it into your own unique view on life and strategy for creating the reality that you desire.

“The Secret” is fantastic; no doubt about it. The creator and the contributors did a phenomenal job in effectively describing the Law of Attraction and illustrating how to apply it in your own life. The challenge here in this writing should not tarnish their effort one bit; in fact, it honours their effort by considering how and where it may be incomplete. It’s appropriate to always consider how something can be improved and/or corrected, even in minor ways; it’s also a guard against fanaticism, and The Secret has bred its fair share (fortunately, LOA is not exactly a horrible thing to be fanatical about). And finally, their video has done tremendous good and provided incredible value to many (exponentially more than it may have misguided). Keep watching The Secret and continue to practice the Law of Attraction; just remember that there’s more, much more.

The law of attraction is a component of manifestation, albeit a powerful one, perhaps even the prime component; but it is still simply a component of a complete, fulfilling, happy experience. It is a tool of manifestation, not the key to the universe. There is much that needs to be addressed leading up to effectively using the Law of Attraction and there is much more to be discovered after mastering it; look on either side, there’s personal evolution to be had in both places!

Be excited that you know about the Law of Attraction and are attempting to use it in creating your reality; be most excited that there’s so much more to learn and master. And always, be your own person, with unique views and beliefs.

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