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The X-Factor Mechanics

The X-Factor Mechanics

How Does the X-Factor Work?

All of the disappointment in your life, all of the failures, all of shortcomings, all of the lack can be attributed to one thing and ONE thing only: Your X-Factor equation is out of balance. It has a gap; a gap that swallows, in spite of your efforts, all your dreams, desires and affirmations.

Let’s look closely at the X-Factor. We’ll break it down as we go. First, here it is complete:

The X in X-Factor is actually that, an X. It’s an ascending and descending line, the exact same length, crossing perfectly in the middle. We’ll look at the descending line first; it represents the physical effort required to manifest:

Take a close look. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make complete sense right now. We’re going to sort it all out. If you were totally spiritually asleep it would take 100% effort in the physical realm to bring about anything. As you wake up and continue to awake further, your physical effort requirement diminishes; notice how as you move down the line, the numbers (and the effort it represents) diminishes. Let’s next look at the ascending line:

The ascending line represents exactly that – your ascension, your evolution with regard to manifestation. It indicates your spiritual or energetic evolution and subsequently and specifically with regard to manifestation, what you are able to effortlessly attract, create, cause and manifest.

Let’s again take a look at the two together:

Now, when we consider them simultaneously, we can see for a moment a possible correlation. This correlation does indeed exist; in fact, the Spiritual Evolution or Quantum Causation ability is directly and conversely proportionate to the physical effort you will have to make to manifest anything in the physical world. So, for example, if you are 30% “evolved” (Noter: I realize this is very subjective and non-exact, but just follow a little longer; it will begin to make sense), you will be required to make a 70% physical effort. Let’s see how that looks:

Conversely, if you are 70% evolved, you will be required to make only a 30% effort on the physical plane. Take a look:

If you’re 60% evolved, 40% physical effort; 80% evolved, 20% physical effort, and so on. And if you are completely evolved, 100% Ethereal Causation capabilities (0% physical action required), if you are a walking Buddha, authentic metaphysician, you enter the realm of spontaneous manifestation, where you require no effort in the physical world, just thought and intention.

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