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The X-Factor

The X-Factor

What is the X-Factor?

The X-Factor, simply put, is the most important equation regarding manifestation. You should consider it often. The vast, vast majority of individuals knowingly and more often unwittingly violate the simple premise of the X-Factor. In doing so, they have reduced substantially, the majority of manifesting powers or eliminated them entirely. If there is one thing that you should know, internalize, analyze and ensure balance and the execution of, it is this… The X-Factor.

I sat down to try to come up with the most straightforward, comprehensible analogy and description for the mechanics of manifestation. I conceded that this analogy had to be subjective; however, I was determined to make it somewhat practical, allowing the reader to not only understand, but to enable him/her to utilize the “formula” and determine their own unique place on the scale of manifesting power, with the ability to improve it. At first glance this outline may seem rudimentary, perhaps even silly. The truth is that this outline incorporates a myriad of ancient teachings, esoteric knowledge, Attraction and Intention principles and most other schools of thought as they relate to personal creation. While simplified, it remains extremely powerful; I trust that you will read it and treat it as such. This information and the graphs provided may also seem a little hard to understand. I promise that with just a little concentration this will all be very easy to comprehend and internalize.

In this reality, the matrix of the 4th dimension, there are two components to everything: the physical and the ethereal, the seen and the unseen, the molecular and the quanta. There are things that you can do in the physical world and there are things that are done, which most often are observed as happening outside of physical effort, that occur in the ethereal world. You can manipulate objects and scenarios with your hands and mouth; on the other hand, there are events that occur outside the physical world that then subsequently manifest within it.

To move forward effectively, we must digress for a moment.  Shortly, we will talk of “evolution”. It is important to understand exactly what is meant by “evolution”. First, we are speaking about evolution as it relates to one’s ability to manifest. Theoretically, you could create a graph like the ones included for every aspect of your life: work, family, spirit, health, money, etc. There are many individuals that are highly “evolved” in their ability to manifest in one area of their life, at the expense of most or all others. Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler are perhaps two good examples of this; both are/were Master Manifesters. Trump has an extraordinary ability to create money and opportunities in the business arena, while apparently sacrificing his family, spirit, etc. Hitler also harnessed the powers of manifestation; he manifested, of course, in a highly destructive manner, but nonetheless did so very effectively. I strongly suggest you try to increase your manifesting abilities in each area of your life, eventually collapsing these different components of life into one, finding and experiencing true and complete balance between all areas of your experience. “Evolution” is also amoral; most tend to think of it in a solely positive light. What we are considering here is the ability to manipulate energy (physical and ethereal) to manifest things and experiences. Joseph Stalin was by most measurements a wholly wretched man, yet he was a Master Manifester and therefore highly “evolved”, in that restricted sense (as it pertains to ones ability to manifest; in this case, political power). You could not cause to happen what he caused to happen without a tremendous ability to bring things into being. No doubt, in many other areas of his life he was a poor Manifester and a complete failure.

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