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Mastering Reality

Mastering Reality

Now. There is nothing outside of Now. Time, in either direction, is an illusion of the Quantum Hologram matrix. It allows us to contemplate. It separates us, for a moment, from our true and infinite potential, so that we can feel, understand, empathize and review ourselves and our actions; perhaps that is our purpose in this life, only to consider and create, create and consider.

This Quantum Hologram gives us the ability to manifest anything. It is a gift. For most however, those who don’t understand or use it properly, it feels like a curse. The universe, without prejudice, delivers exactly what we ask it to deliver. We have lost ourselves in this illusion of time. Most of us live almost entirely in past or future, always a slave to it and never cemented in the present.

One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is to commit to always “being where your hands are”. Experience and control the power of Now, by actually being in it. Can you control or truly change the past or the future? You may hesitate and say that the future is still malleable. Well it is, just not by “actions” and not by your thoughts outside of the moment of now (past or future). Try thinking about the future. Is your thinking about this future moment changing anything? You may go even further and say that you must contemplate and review the possibilities of upcoming events. This also is untrue. The (ancient) brain is designed to analyze millions of future possibilities to prevent harm or death, which is a complete waste of time as only one will ever come to pass and that one may not even be one of the millions you had considered.

Your true guidance system and counselor should be your intuition, your cosmic radio. This source, the source in fact, will provide the information that you need to resolve, exploit or identify those future situations and it will do so effortlessly. Put your brain on the shelf. While it is a remarkable organ for survival and processing data, it is a truely unremarkable tool for creating the life that you want as it interferes at every opportunity and makes you fearful of everything. “Don’t do anything, be careful, watch out”, it says. And that’s its primary job, to keep you alive. Unfortunately, it has taken over the whole system, you, and for most has paralyzed them in fear. Put MIND above brain. Place direct knowledge from the source (intuition) above the inefficient and ultimately ineffective data processing function of the brain and live confidently in the Now.

Nothing is created outside the moment of Now. Even in the future, every moment is simply another moment of Now. Nothing at all occurs outside of Now. Even if they couldn’t articulate effectively, the masters through the ages, the avatars, the initiates of secret societies and the men and women in positions of power today understand this simple truth:

Reality is a Quantum Thought Hologram in the Now

The science has just recently become available to explain most of this. However the sages have understood its principles for millennia. It is not imperative to understand the science, but for our western culture and way of thinking, it can propel us towards the application and the being, rather than get stuck in theory and philosophy. You don’t need to be a quantum physicist or a Buddhist monk. You need only realize that you create your reality in every minute detail and then learn the ways in which you can consciously create the reality of your dreams.

You’ve been brought straight to the destination; your ultimate reality, the Quantum Thought Hologram in the Now. I trust that rather than being doubtful or discouraged, you’ll embrace what may seem like a foreign or complex concept. A profound understanding of the nature of reality, the nature of yourself, will slowly begin to replace any doubt or uncertainty. Most importantly, a wisdom will manifest and the knowledge and ability to engineer your very experience, in every detail, will appear. You will discover the hyper-dimensional realities of your true self. The importance and relevance of the dense physical reality will diminish and subside. Learning to live in the physical reality while utilizing and drawing energy from the quantum side is the master’s way.

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