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The Superhologram and You

The Superhologram and You

Even more challenging, possibly even shocking and disconcerting for many, is the idea that space is also an illusion and a result of holographic projection. Try to imagine spacelessness; try to form a picture in your mind of no space. It’s nearly impossible, as we live in a 4 dimensional reality that supports and perpetuates this “space” concept throughout every minute of our lives (except during sleep). Perhaps you have never, in your entire life, imagined what a “spaceless” existence would be like; that would be “normal”, I would think. However, the reality is that everything around you is a spatial illusion, a projection or unfolding of the implicate (or source energy or the unified quantum field – it’s all the same). Source energy, where time, weight and space do not exist are projecting this 4 dimensional illusion; we act out and experience it. We could say that super sub-atomic particles, with no weight or space, and outside time, are creating this experience of dimension. Which then would be more real, the created or the creator? In other words, if something that does not have or require dimension or time is creating dimension and time, then which environment is illusion? I would think that the created, the experience of dimension and time, must be the illusion.

If you were to see a hologram (a true one, utilizing lasers), and run your hand through it, you would admit that there was “nothing there”, inside the projected image. You would further explain that the “space” the hologram encompassed was an optical illusion. It appeared 3 dimensional, but there was nothing there (as evidenced by your hand running straight through it unobstructed). Other than the fact that your brain interprets objects in 3 dimensions and feels and perceives “things” as solid in our collective reality, there is nothing different from the realities of the hologram, as outlined above, and the world you see around you. The global projection, the world around us, is simply a little more illusory than the holograms we humans have created within the Superhologram.

Just as quantum theory states that the ideas of past, present and future are non-scientific and non-quantifiable, but based on perception and created by the observer, so too does the holographic model indicate that space and time are nothing more than constructs of this matrix or experience (Note: Quantum theory, remarkably, states that the idea that we cannot affect and/or change the past, as we commonly believe that we can with the future, is contradictory; if we can affect the future, then we should be able to equally and proportionately alter the past – so says quantum theory) .

Space and time are projected from source energy, that does not itself contain space or time. The purpose it seems (if I may speculate) is to provide an arena for experience; by projecting “things” in 3 dimension and allowing for events to play out over time (4th dimension), individuals can experience and (hopefully) learn and grow. Without dimension, space, time and individualization, it is not possible to experience. This reality is likely a thought experiment in a spatial, timelined and individualized environment – allowing us to experience ourselves. It appears as though it’s been constructed just for us, and just for that purpose.

Think about that for a minute.

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