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Exploring the Superhologram

Exploring the Superhologram

Out-of-body experiences (OBE) can be explained, to a great extent, with the holographic model; the “spacelessness” that we spoke of earlier finds meaning in OBE’s. In the holographic universe, space, places and location are part of the illusion; everything is non-local (as explained completely in the quantum theory of non-locality). While similiar to near-death-experiences (NDE’s), you can shed the weight of the body and the 4th dimension without dying. OBE’s can be experienced during sleep, meditation, anesthesia and traumatic events, among a list of other scenarios. Virtually every culture in every region on the planet throughout all of recorded history contains myths and writings that discuss the phenomenon – most contain instructions on how to experience it. OBE’s are nothing more than traveling within the Superhologram… without your body; perfectly inline with the Holographic paradigm.

Reports of those who have died and returned (an NDE), detail not only the past (the famous “life review”), but many see and report the future, called “personal flashforwards”. More accurately they explain that they see several possible futures or parallel time tracks; they saw “forks in the road” enabling them to see how their lives would develop depending on the decision made at that critical point. Additionally, many NDE’s contain the insight of having actually created their “life plan” before their birth or in between lives – source or the implicate (you outside the Superhologram) deciding which hologram or experience to create (for you inside the Superhologram) in the explicate or projection (the Superhologram).

Be in the Now; just know that the Now contains everything that ever was and ever will be, including the “past” and every possible “future” already manifest in the Superhologram. Focus on what’s directly in front of you; be where your hands are, enjoying this experience and then the next, and every one after that. Trust that the experience (each one, one at a time) and the learning and growing from that experience is the supreme purpose of this life. Enjoy it. If you do, the Superhologram will effortlessly bring to this moment the wisdom of the past and open up the most incredible time track of future events you could possibly imagine.

Be in the Now; everything that is contained in the Superhologram is illusion, except for this moment – It is real. Choose your focus and your experience wisely; be happy, be peaceful, in this moment. Remember: This moment, more specifically how you feel in this moment, is the only thing that is real. The rest of it is just an illusion to give you the opportunity to experience and grow, so that you can eventually learn to feel good… in the real, perpetual and eternal moment of Now.

(Note: the “implicate you” creates the “explicate you”, the “source energy you” creates “the holographic you”; while the Superhologram is eternal, a traumatic event for example can be removed from it… by the implicate you, the source energy you. Always remember that the creator (the implicate you), makes the rules for (the explicate you) and within the Superhologram. You are bound only by what you accept, most often unwittingly and by default. In other writings we will further discuss molding our individual piece(s) of the Superhologram.)

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