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The Quantum Wonder

Quantum Summary

Quantum is an indivisible entity of energy. Quanta (plural for quantum) are packets of this sub-atomic energy. Quanta are waves and particles, mass and non-mass, matter and non-matter. It is measurable and immeasurable, real and not real, visible and not visible… all at the same time – inherently dualistic. It is completely “opposite”, physical and non-physical, in the same place, space and time, contrary to the current classical laws of physics. The quantum world creates the physical world.

The mind communicates directly with quanta; it actually directs quanta, and quanta responds precisely and entirely, without reluctance or delay, to the instructions of the mind. How does the mind actually instruct Quanta? It does this with energized thoughts; thoughts that are infused with emotion. Your “thought feelings” are forming quanta; quanta are creating your reality. Indirectly, yet completely, you are designing your experience in every minute detail.

How fast is fast and how far is far?

The speed of light in a vacuum (a volume of space that is essentially void of matter) is more than 186,000 miles per second or about 700 million miles an hour. This speed, quantified by Einstein and accepted by classical physics, is the fastest speed at which anything can travel. 700 million miles an hour is pretty fast; or is it? Relative to the size of the earth, it’s very fast. Relate it to the universe and it’s another story.

Scientists have stated that the diameter of the universe is somewhere between 20 billion light years and… trillions of light years! So, traveling at the speed of light, 700 million miles an hour, it would take 20 billion to several trillion years to traverse the universe, from one side to the other (that’s if the diameter of the universe is in fact finite). NASA reported that in 1999 the Hubble Space Telescope estimated that there are more than 125 billion galaxies in the universe. The closest galaxy to ours is Andromeda, 2.5 million light years away. If we were able to put a person in a space craft and send them at near the speed of light (which is not physically possible with today’s technology), it would take almost 3 million years for that person to leave our own galaxy and enter Andromeda, the closest of more than 125 billion galaxies. Still think the speed of light is fast?

Now, you’re ready for… The Quantum Wonder.

Non-locality and Quantum Entanglement

Speed is a calculation of distance over time in the physical world. So, what if something is not physical? Does it move across space? Does it always and only move across space? Does space even exist, or exist in the way that we think it does, on the pure energy side of things?

Experiments have indicated that standard quantum mechanics exhibits the property of non-locality. Non-locality, by definition, is the correlation between separated parts of an entangle quantum system across space-like separations. In lay terms it means, communications between two quantum objects appear to happen at faster than the speed of light, or superluminally; impossible in the classic physics model.

John G. Cramer of the University of Washington wrote:

“[non-locality is] the mysterious ability of nature to enforce correlations between separated but entangled parts of a quantum system that are out of speed-of-light contact, to reach faster-than-light across vast spatial distances or even across time itself to ensure that the parts of a quantum system are made to match.”

Albert Einstein despised quantum theory; he dismissed it and argued against it mostly because it contradicted many of his theories and generally speaking, how he felt a proper physical universe ought to behave. Over many years he constructed a list of objections to quantum mechanics; one of those objections is what he called “spooky actions at a distance”. This “spookiness” Einstein spoke of is now commonly referred to as non-locality.

As strange as non-locality may be, it is a fact of quantum systems which has been demonstrated repeatedly in lab experiments.

Quanta are entangled; everything is quanta; everything is entangled. Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects are connected even though the objects are spatially separated. This allows for faster-than-light and/or backward-in-time communication.

Scientists have been able to create a scenario where two particles in a single quantum state, when one is observed to spin-up, the other one will always be observed to spin-down and vice versa. They took the particles over a short distance and changed the spin of one and the other reversed its spin instantly. They enlarged the distance to miles, then hundreds of miles, then thousands of miles; the results were the same. When they reversed the spin of one, the other particle responded in kind, in faster-than-light or backward-in-time fashion.

Theoretically, non-locality and quantum entanglement principles permit that if we placed one particle on one side of the universe and the other on the other side, and “flicked” the rotation of one in the opposite direction, the other would reverse its spin instantly. In other words, the particles would communicate with each other, over potentially trillions of light years, faster than we could detect. Still think light is fast?

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