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Ideology and “The Secret”

In the movie “The Secret”, Joe Vitale says, “["the secret"/the law of attraction is] part of the overall grand secret”. What does he mean by this? Let’s investigate.

Avoiding Ideology

There is a virus in the collective unconscious, in my opinion, that instructs people to take on a viewpoint wholesale. It tells us (often through the mouth of another person) that if we are smart and/or “have faith”, we must believe everything that this individual or organization is stating, or nothing at all.  Take it or leave it entirely; there is nothing in between, we’re told. That is everyone’s decision to make, accept an ideology or reject it. But, remember, it’s a decision – always. If a group was telling me that I had to believe everything they “believed”, I would simply say “no thanks”, and I’ve done so countless times. We easily identify the usual suspects when it comes to ideology, but far to often we ignore all the subtle ones that account for the majority of “group think”.

Cynicism and Skepticism

I’m not a big fan of opinions and belief; forget about ideologies, organizational thinking and dogma – I have no use for them whatsoever. That’s why, as often as possible, I say things like “my thoughts are”, “as far as we can see”, “evidence indicates”, “at this time”, etc.; I do this deliberately and consciously. So, I refrain as often as possible from writing opinion articles and Blogs. While I discriminate regarding the information that I research and review and from that, the ideas and concepts that I give weight to, I am not a cynic or a skeptic. Cynics and skeptics already have a belief before considering anything. Their intention from the start is to to view negatively the information before them and if at all possible to disprove what they’re viewing, rather than sit back and inquire and see if it does make sense (on some level). There’s a subtle, yet tremendous difference between approaching something cautiously and conversely, being cynical or skeptical. The irony is cynicism and skepticism are themselves ideologies, themselves a category of thought and opinion; fundamentally hypocritical and inherently paradoxical.

Finding Balance in Your Views

So, how do we heal the gap between intellectual pursuit and gullibility, without falling into the skeptic or cynic camp?; themselves a graveyard of despair and blind arrogance. I think it comes with staying open to any thought, without feeling the need to disprove it or commit to it fully. Those that find the balance, review all information and then take from it what they like and what they believe will allow them to evolve further. They leap over the trappings of ideology and position themselves in a manner that permits them to create their own perspective, free from the chains of “carbon copy” association or, on the other extreme, total disdain for everyone else’s thoughts or ideas. (Note: I implore you, now and in the future, not to entirely accept or reject what I write; instead find some or most of the content agreeable, never all or none.)

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