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Using Your Quantum Mind

Activating Conscious Quantum Mind Power

You’re not actually activating your mind power. It’s already active; it’s just out of control.

In 1975 Adam Smith wrote in Powers of Mind:

“The critics of the quantum physicists, fifty years ago [in 1925], used to call it “atomysticism”. The atom had been the building block of our universe, and Heisenberg wrote: “An atom is not a [physical] thing. When we get down to the atomic level, the objective world in space and time no longer exists, and the mathematical symbols of theoretical physics refer merely to possibilities, not facts”… an atom is not a [physical] thing, it is only a possibility, and we are all made up of atoms.”

Sub-atomic energies are not physical things, but possibilities. And we can move these possibilities with our minds, which in turn will reconstruct the physical expression of quanta on this side of reality. If sub-atomic energies are truly (infinite) possibilities, which science has proven, then it is we that decide which possibility will occur. You activate Quantum Mind Power by merely being aware that it exists.

Using Your Quantum Mind

To apply this science personally, to use your Conscious Quantum Mind Power follow these 4 steps: 1) Stop practicing affirmations (this should stop 90%+ of people in their tracks) 2) Stop thinking about what you don’t want and generally reduce the number of thoughts you have (what’s so important anyway?; plus, know that often you’re creating what you don’t want) 3) Know what you do want and focus on it, charge those thoughts with emotion. 4) Then, the masters step: Embrace the reality! Take the words, concepts and images in this message and make them part of your experience. All that’s been described is swirling around you right now; you choose whether to engage it or not. You can’t “see” it (yet), but you can still control it. Understand and believe that you are inextricably entangled with the energy that you need to create anything, in this moment. The only limitation is your belief of what’s possible and what’s not. Quanta does not understand time, nor comprehend the limitations of a physical world with physical laws. It is infinite energy, in infinite dimensions, in infinite space, in the absence of time, simply waiting to be directed… by you.

So, in your prayers or meditations or visualizations or holocreations, simply take the pictures you now have of this reality, the quantum reality, and move them into what you imagine now. Re-read these words (and read other writings on the subject) and build the images with more and more clarity and vibrancy; images of the quantum world, you as director. Imagine engaging and directing quanta while entangled with it. Quanta will collapse to physical form and you will experience, in every detail, the life you’ve always dreamt of.


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