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Quantum Mind Power Obstacles

The true Quantum Mind Power master will reorganize his multiple levels of consciousness into one. Some speculate that we have, over time, fractured our consciousnesses, in an attempt to cope with being energetic entities living in a physical world. I believe that in this universe, in this existence, in this dimension, collectively, we have never merged them. We are, perhaps for the first time, considering the possibility of collapsing our fragmented consciousness into one. This may be our next evolutionary step. There have been many that have come before us who have been able to do this. Our “sacred” texts tell stories of such men and women. And if you decipher the parables in these teachings you will find a common theme, the instructions to do just that; to merge many minds into one, creating a harmonious, pure and supreme Quantum Mind.

Before we wield our mind power, we must correct its unconscious abuses, its unwitting quantum causations. Our subconscious and unconscious minds are constantly manifesting, mostly chaos. It is the repetitions of the ancient and fearful reptilian brain that impress upon and affect our subconscious and unconscious. A comedian once commented, “I always thought that the brain was the most important thing. Then I remembered what told me that”.

While the brain itself is unable to do anything but analyze and send signals to the body, its messages, normally of fear and lack and judgment, register over time and through repetition, with the higher consciousness. The result is that these levels of consciousness, impacted by the ranting of the brain, order the sub-atomic possibilities to organize and manifest to bring us more fear and lack and judgment. While thoughts themselves are not important, repetitive thoughts will eventually lead to energized thoughts and the cycle continues; the creator unaware that he/she is creating.

If you thought nothing at all, ever, nothing would happen. Think about that: If you thought nothing, nothing would happen. That means that all the suffering, lack, hate, fear and panic would vanish, if you just stopped thinking. Your brain, trying to figure out a problem, for which it is 99.9% wrong about things that are not actually problems 99% of the time, sooner or later gives that problem energy, which ultimately creates more of same, perpetuating the original problem (that probably wasn’t actually a problem to begin with). Sound insane? Yes you are!

Do you really want Quantum Mind Power? If so, you must first take responsibility for what you do currently, mostly unconsciously. It’s not so much that you don’t create what you want, it’s that you often create exactly what you don’t want, proportionate to the energy you give it, unconsciously.

Stop thinking (as much)!

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    i never doubt that mind power can also increase the healing ability of the body.,.”

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