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Using Your Holographic Mind

Holographic Reminder

Reality can be summed up in two words: Quantum Hologram.

Hologram is “a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference” (click here for images and more info). What this means to you is that the quanta expresses itself in a 3 dimensional manner through an energetic interference pattern (much like waves of energy colliding) which your brain interprets. In other words, the hologram is what binds the swirling quanta together and presents it in the manner in which you are familiar – the world as you “see” it. Add to that the 4th dimension projection of space and time and we then have movement in our holographic experience.

Just like pictures moving at 24 frames per second creates the illusion of motion and time as we see them at the movie theatre, so the quanta coming in and out of existence, trick the mind and the eye into believing that the physical world truly, and in the minds of most, solely exists in a solid state and moves through time. This is then projected forward as a hologram; infinite holograms within the Superhologram. You are an individualized master hologram; your mind projects a unique, personalized hologram and orchestrates all other projections/matter/events that make up what we commonly call “life”.

A subtle field consciousness exists dualistically with all matter. Just like in the microcosm as we see with sub-atomic particles, the universe exists simultaneously in the quantum wave realm as it appears in the particle physical world. You simultaneously exist in both. You are participating in projecting from source energy and into the Superhologram.

Holographic Creation or Holocreation

Holographic Creation is the conscious operating of your holographic projection mechanisms and abilities. You highjack, or more appropriately take back the power of projection and begin to create your own reality; otherwise, everything is created for you by default, much of it surely not to your liking. Holographic creation is different than visualization; you are not merely focusing on images, you are actually creating matter, creating life, you are bringing something into existence.

Christopher Westra states in I Create Reality, “Your intent [with Holographic Creation] is to create incipient matter, not merely to visualize an image. Thoughts, feeling, and images (HoloCreations) are made of matter, just a very subtle kind of matter. The term incipient describes it well.” Incipient is defined as “beginning to exist or appear”; so incipient matter is a substance that is beginning to appear or matter in its initial stages of development.

You must breathe life into your desires, and not just think, imagine and picture in your brain, as if it is outside of you and your world. So, then what do you do? Here we go…

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