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Ultimate Holocreation

Advanced Step: Recall all the images created in your mind’s eye from the previous writing (Holocreate Life) and other resources on Quantum and Holographic realities. Imagine manipulating quanta, with your hand or just on command, to spring forth out of the quantum energetic field and into particle and object form. See the quantum waves forming matter, in the shape of a pot, or a desk, or a house, or a person, or even a stack of cash. Imagine the quantum holographic projection materializing right in front of your eyes; see the two worlds collide. See the implicate, source energy, unified quantum field arranging and rearranging in the form that you desire, at the will of your mind. Realize that you control the energy and therefore control the matter; you create your environment and this series of events in every detail. Nothing happens without your participation. (Note: “Google” some of the words contained in this series of writings, to form more clear and descriptive images of quantum causation and deliberate holographic projection). If you engage the quanta, command the projection, you will quicken its arrival and it will come to you exactly as you demand.

In the implicate, at source energy, within the unified quantum field, with god (whatever that means), and through the wormhole we call the mind, create your reality, in every detail; in those places, at those points, anything is possible.

Come and visit with me in the realm of Holographic Creation; stop being a victim of the collective hologram or someone else’s overwhelming projection and own fully your inherent power to create. Project and live the life you always dreamed and knew possible. It’s your decision; it’s well within your potential. Stop being manipulated and “created” by the holograms and projections around you and start originating and projecting a unique life; one that honours your passions, your true self (first and foremost) and also positively impacts your family, community and the planet.

Don’t waste another day on the old program. Create a new one; become the deliberate creator you where always meant to be.

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