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Holocreate Life


You must first create the full picture of what you wish to experience; let’s say that it’s to own a Bengal cat breeding facility, with a home, on the edge of town (Note: Don’t ask!). At the moment that you have that clear picture, eliminate time – it does not exist at the source of projection. You have what you imagine now, in the most literal sense; this is not fiction, this is not imaginary. On some level, in some dimension you do have it, in this moment (I mean that literally, in every sense). You have it, now you simply wish to experience it, in this moment, in this dimension, in this life; so you draw it forward, you gently attract it into the here and now. (Note: substitute your own desire for this one if you like; however, I recommend you go through the one provided first to get the full affect, so that you may understand better and carry it forward in a more complete way).

After you’ve created that static picture of what you want and suspended every belief or inclination of “time”, you begin to actually create this incipient matter; the life you desire. Staying with the Bengal cat breeding facility, you see it – the building, the land, the roads that box it in, the bags of food, the play areas, etc. Now this is as far as most visualization techniques or creative meditations will take you. We’ll go further, much further. (Note: with what you are about to read, Hollywood has done us a favour. Think of animation, think of special effects, think of the action sequences, not the violence of course.  Think of movies like The Matrix; even actions and activities in movies like Disney’s Aladdin can give you some material; there are no rules in this place. Got an idea?; ok let’s go…).

Now here’s where we actually, literally, scientifically, begin to create. Now imagine that you have superpowers like Neo in the Matrix or Aladdin, and zoom around the piece of property, do a complete 360 – yes, pick up your feet, fly, levitate, ride a magic carpet, whatever. Then rise above it, float or fly a few hundred feet above the property, look down on it, take in the features – the building, the playpens, the driveway, the house, the streets nearby. Remember to feel that it is yours, now – how ridiculous could that thought be, you’re flying for crying out loud! (Note: throughout your HoloCreation, use your superpowers anytime you like, to do anything you want).

Fly around, circle the perimeter for as long as you like, then drop down onto the foot of the driveway. Walk up the driveway, scanning 180 degrees all the way to the front door. Reach out and touch the metal door handle, feel the cold metal against your hand. Turn the handle and walk into the foyer; look around, take in the features, smell the Sandalwood incense burning on the table beside the entrance (Note: at first you’ll imagine smelling it, then you’ll actually smell it, just like you smell the stir-fry cooking on the stove – stick with it, sense it, don’t imagine sensing it). Walk through the foyer and down the hallway into the large kitchen, taking in every picture hanging on the walls of that passage. Once inside the kitchen, you again take in every detail, the countertop you’ve always wanted, the stainless steel appliances, the kitchen table that feeds 10, the redwood cupboards, etc., etc., etc. – every detail. You reach over and pick up a spoon off the counter, stir the spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove and steal a taste – it’s brilliant (actually taste it). As you complete this image, you hear someone making noises in the office, off the kitchen. It’s your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, business partner, pet (whatever makes you happy, and you want to place there). They’re carrying on, performing some task. Say hello, give a kiss, an affectionate stroke, some kind of recognition; notice how you feel. Feel good, complete, excited, peaceful, content. Ask this person to join you on your exploration. Continue this into every room, every nook and cranny of this home that you now own. Walk out to the playpens in the back of the complex; see all the kitties? There romping and playing, begging for food, molesting their mother for attention. You feel good watching these simple pleasures; you recognize that you’ve created a mini-utopia for these cats, a reflection of the home you just stepped out of. Everyone is happy, everything is perfect, just as you desire.

Always, whenever possible, feel and notice how you feel. Do whatever you want, go wherever you wish, see whatever you like. The key, in this world (which is just as real as this one – just “unchartered” and not as accessible, due mostly to your beliefs), is to touch, smell, hear, speak and taste as much as you can; to move around, to live in it just as you would in this life. This is a creation; this is incipient matter. You are literally and fully breathing life into this thought, this wish, demand, desire. The natural mechanics of this thought universe automatically begins to pull in this living image, closer and closer, and then effectively into this reality.

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