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Activating Your Quantum Mind

Quantum Summary

Wave (or energy) quanta collapses into particle form creating the world as you “see” it. Quanta respond to the mind’s direction; more accurately, the mind directs quanta. The mind, through energized thoughts, arranges and rearranges quantum form in its energy state. The mind orchestrates your experience; quantum is the instrument. The observer (mind) and the observed (quanta) are wholly entangled.

When a brain detects quanta it instantly (faster than we can perceive) collapses it to physical form, this is what creates our holographic matrix, the illusion of a 3 dimensional physical world as we see it. Your brain “sees” the result of the quantum form that you’ve manipulated with your mind. Without a brain to observe, quanta remain in their natural state of pure energy (Note: So, this sense, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, it doesn’t make a sound).

You are and always have been directly and entirely engineering every detail of your experience. However, most are doing this unconsciously, completely unaware of their extraordinary powers of creation. How then does one do this consciously and deliberately?

To interpret this concept, science must take a back seat (but we’ll still bring it along for the ride and ask it for perspective as we go). And we must do two things before we consider actually using our Quantum Mind Power. One, truly understand what Quantum Mind Power isn’t. Two, disengage habitual and unconscious quantum creations.

What Quantum Mind Power Isn’t

“Be one with the universe”; “I love myself”; “I have one million dollars”; “I live in a villa in Costa Rica”; this is not Quantum Mind Power (most of the time). These are almost always just affirmations, wishes and even pleas. These do not contain any energy; they are not creations; quanta will not respond. Most individuals do not even understand these words, let alone intend them and feel them when the speak them. This is where the self-help movement falls flat; it doesn’t go deep enough. It’s not the power of positive thinking; it’s actually the power of positive feeling, or quantum direction.

Words and thoughts are nothings. Feelings or energized thoughts are actually things; powerful living entities, traveling outwards from you faster than the speed of light, searching to connect with energy existing at the same vibration, and then, to arrange it and draw it back toward the sender. All energized thoughts have vibrations; these vibrations have frequencies. The frequencies of those vibrations depend on whether the charged thoughts are positive or negative. The frequency is the speed at which your thoughts vibrate, or repeat themselves. It is your vibrational frequency that your mind creates through thought feelings that generates your experience. Everything else is neutral, unable to influence or create anything.

Disengaging your limiting, habitual Quantum Mind

Just because you didn’t consciously intend it, doesn’t mean that you didn’t create it. Our unconscious and subconscious are the bridge from brain to mind. Unconscious and subconscious are more subtle, distinctly more powerful than the brain, yet less so than the true mind. Ponder for a moment the prefix un- and sub-. Have you ever wondered why these levels of consciousness are at un- and sub- levels? Have you considered that they don’t have to be?

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