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Holographic Miracles

Holographic Miracles

Appearances of the virgin Mary, UFO sightings, memories of alien abductions, stigmata, liquefaction of saint’s blood from statues, convulsions and contortions in religiously inspired trance (that would/could/should kill), floating objects, levitation, teleporting, fire immunity (people unscathed by inferno or burning objects), antics while under hypnosis, hallucinations, spontaneous healing, psychic surgery, etc., etc., etc.; not only can all of these be easily described within the Holographic Paradigm, they’re really not all that fantastic within it, when you consider them.

They seem like child’s play when you suspend the classical model of the universe and allow for the observer to be the creator, unbound by physical laws. To explain further, regarding fire immunity, Michael Talbot says in The Holographic Universe, “… the ability of consciousness to shift from one entire reality to another suggests that the usually inviolate rule that fire burns human flesh may only be one program in the cosmic computer, but a program that has been repeated so often it has become one of nature’s habits“. There appear to be infinite programs in the cosmic computer. So does fire burn or does it not? Yes! It does if you believe it does, it does not if you believe it doesn’t. This does not mean that you should get up now, walk over to the stove, place your hand on the hot burner saying “I will not burn”, and you will not get burned. We are talking about a much deeper level of understanding and conviction, not a flickering and fleeting moment of thought.

But, you can choose the program you wish to run your life, in every minute detail. It is your beliefs that dictate which programs run. Consider, modify and deepen your beliefs; and only do so consciously with the ones that will reinforce the program you wish to run and subsequently experience. Be clear in your intentions and laser-like on where you place your attention, as this will activate the information contained within the interference patterns and draw out that information, and into your experience.

You are responsible, for every last detail of how you feel and what you experience. You control the laser; use it well.

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